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Connected Performance

Comprehensive power

Diagnostics System

VMU (vehicle management unit) is central to the electric bike to monitor the optimal performance of the battery system or other electronics as it is intrinsically different from the fuel vehicles. VSM, which is fitted into the serves as a diagnostic tool to collect and analyze the collected information from the whole system.

  • Stay informed of problems engendered from battery system.
  • Synthetically manage and control the vehicle.
  • Get indications about the battery status with the support of battery indicator.


The motorcycle is equipped with GSM-level digital communication that can improve the connectivity of the vehicle and security system to prevent vehicle theft. Registered GPS-enabled mobile devices will notify the users of the connected electric vehicles on any unauthorized access and potential implications. Even if it is lost, it can be tracked and accessed remotely with the support of signals from the interconnected bikes.

  • Control the electric bike with GSM and security system support
  • Access and stop engine in case of any theft attempt
  • Have complete control in your connected smartphone

Battery Monitoring System

To maintain the safe operation of lithium-ion battery, the battery monitoring system (BMS) plays vital role in electric two-wheeler. Safety of the lithium-ion battery lies in its maintenance effectiveness that can be enhanced by continuously monitoring the status of the battery and managing the cells based on the characteristics of the battery.

  • Avoid damage that may cause due to overcharging, discharging, or overheat.
  • Ensure the consistent performance of the battery
  • Balance and maintain the battery pack to perfection and prolong its life

Get connected with everything and everyone through

  • Trip Planning

    On time digital assistant for your trip.Your bike plans your trip

  • Infotainment

    Music, calls & entertainment

  • Navigation

    Get connected with other bikes from alerts, traffic management, Police cautions, etc

  • Convenience Services

    Anti-theft with strong encryption, Find my bike feature

  • Smart Indicators

    Authorized from your mobile through our app

  • Speed Modes

    Automatic detection of speed modes for you to drive economically

  • Self Diagnosis

    Your bike can troubleshoot by its own

  • Parental Controls

    Large distance controlling features by parents