Accelerate the Electric Power

To race through the roads
  • Range Per Charge 200Kms*
  • Max Speed 120Kmph
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 8.0sec
  • Motor Torque 220Nm @ 3000rpm
IDI Motors
  • Battery Lithium ionBattery
  • Battery Capacity 9.2 Kilo WattHour
  • Controller Regenerative-Braking
  • Curb Weight 180kg

A First Prototype for IDI Motors

Model 360 View

Premium Electric Bikes with Connected Intelligence

  • All electric and electronic devices used are of IEC standard and meet regulatory compliance and due diligence of EMI and EMC.
  • The recyclable Lithium-Ion Battery with high energy density are energy efficient and hold charge for longer time that costs less than the money spent on fuel or gas.
  • GSM-level digital communication has been enriched to improve the connectivity of the vehicle and security system.
  • VMU (vehicle management unit) serves as a diagnostic tool that is to realize the optimal performance of the vehicle by collecting and analyzing the data from whole system.