IDI Motors

The greener way for a better tomorrow

Reduce your carbon footprint

Avoid Smoke Belching

Eco-friendly e-bike lessens strains on the environment with its energy-efficient ecosystem. It serves tangible environmental advantages as follows:

  • Reduced smoke belching
  • No pollution of exhaust gas
  • No more gasoline or fossil fuels
  • Decreased air pollution and smog

Zero Emission

It is highly efficient and built on reliable natural components. Therefore, the plug-in vehicle is the only option for zero emission as it:

  • Emits no exhaust gas
  • Reduces CO2 and noxious fumes emissions
  • Avoids tailpipe emissions
  • Lessens carbon emission

Cleaner Running

We use lithium-ion batteries for better environmental impacts. Being powered by clean renewable energy, it enhances getting cleaner atmosphere every year with fewer emissions:

  • Reduced use of non-renewable fuel
  • Use of renewable energy resources
  • Conserve oil
  • No air and noise pollution