IDI Motors

Less expensive than you expect

To be compelling and competitive, go electric.

Ownership Advantage

Growing concerns about global warming and rising fuel price increase the demand for electric vehicles, and it is becoming increasingly efficient year after year. Owning “Optimus Prime” would be a badge of honor with the below

  • Negligible fuel cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Enhanced efficiency and performance
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Standard and stylish design
  • Tax rebate at certain regions

A Long-Term Impact

As a premium brand, iDi Motors designs their electric motorcycle, Optimus Prime with an exceptional quality and integrity that brings about a better riding experience. Furthermore, it is less expensive than anyone can imagine. By eliminating routine maintenance and reducing fuel cost, it helps the users to save time and money.

Low Maintenance

As Optimus Prime doesn’t have air filters, oil, spark plugs, timing belts, clutch or gearbox, it does not require scheduled maintenance.

So, you do not have to check, maintain or change, except tires, brake pads, and brake hydraulic fluid. However, brake pads last longer because their life expectancy is greater as the electric motor can do a lot of the braking.
While saving time, it also saves money on repair and maintenance and furthermore on consumables.